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GrowBrands is based on a simple market insight:
   • Some Enterprises are operating sub optimally and not able to harness their true potential
   • Smart Entrepreneurs are looking at innovative solutions that can generate:
       Measurable incremental growth at marginal investments
       Enhanced Consumer Experience
        Consistency in Consumer Purchase Patterns (aka Loyal customer base)
       Significant Increase in Profitability of the business

GrowBrands has a set of professionals with over 5 decades of experience in managing consumer brands. GrowBrands evolves and operates Blue Ocean Strategy that creates a Win-Win experience for all participating brands.


"GrowBrands exists to contribute to enterprises, brands and businesses in fulfilling those objectives that they truly value,
by using World Class Innovative Business Solutions
thereby generating enhanced brand equity, better business clarity, streamlined business processes and a superior ability to operate effectively in complex business environments."


The mission is to create and operate a organized marketing national platform for brands to participate, contribute and deliver substantially differentiated value proposition to the customers and themselves.


To provide substantial and differentiated value to customers and partners in their purchase patterns. This shall be achieved by
    Innovative use of media vehicles.
    Fined tuned offering by using consumer analytics
    Becoming India’s most dynamic incentive based product offering to the market.
    Strive and excel towards leadership in the space of brand building and business solutions.

Values (Innovation & Sustainability)

To survive in today's tidal wave of global economic, technological and social change, you must understand how powerful forces are aggregating once-distinct product and geographic markets, enhancing market-clearing efficiency and increasing specialization in the supply chain.

Business should respond by adopting a new approach to strategy – one that combines speed, openness, flexibility and forward-focused thinking.

Never is strategy implementation more important than when innovation is at the heart of a strategy. Innovation always involves treading into uncertain waters. And as uncertainty rises, the value of a well-thought-out, but static, enterprise strategy drops. In fact, when pursuing entirely new business models, no amount of research can resolve the critical unknowns. All that strategy can do is give business a good starting point. From there, business must experiment, learn and adapt.

Sustainability can bring direct benefits to a business and secure its long-term competitiveness.

Increasingly, customers want a reliable supplier with a good reputation for quality products and services. Suppliers want to sell to a customer that will return for repeat purchases and will make payments in a timely manner. The company's community wants to be confident that the business operates in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

And lastly, the company's employees want to work for a company of which they are proud and that they know values their contribution. To remain competitive, companies need to be able to adapt to these new demands from the market and the society in which they operate.


We focus on satisfying customer needs. We aim to grow, together with our customers and our stakeholders.